Anne Griep


      A Boise native, Anne Griep has been creating artwork since she was a child.  As an adult, she attended Boise State University to fulfill her one-and-only goal of receiving a bachelor’s degree before the age of 30.  She succeeded in securing a lifetime of limited earning potential five years ahead of schedule by completing her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography and ceramics.

      Currently she has found herself living the dream in her parents’ basement with extensive student loan debt and an abysmal credit score.  Her life experiences, along with a checking account balance that rarely strays too far from “0,” have taught Anne the value of hard work and an appreciation for the simple (and free) things in life; nature being one of them.  This includes an appreciation for hunting and working for one’s food in order to stop contributing to the tragedy of the factory farming system because, let’s face it, that whole thing is about as tragic as it gets.  This concern is a common theme that can be seen in Anne’s artwork, and much of her pieces reference the growing disconnect between human society and the natural world.


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