Want to paint in Freak Alley Gallery?

The steps are really quite simple.

First, if your inquiry isn’t about painting, try out “Contact Page”. If you’re inquiry is about painting in the alley, all we need is some contact information and the images that you’d like us to review. If everyone agrees, then we’ll find a spot for you.


Some things to consider:

1. this is free to Artist’s and the public.
2. this is a public space, please nothing too obscene. (If needed, ask about the indoor gallery.)
3. always put your best foot forward.
Thank you for checking us out.

Website Questions

If you’re having any issues and have any questions regarding the website or communications with the gallery, feel free to email contact@originofcreation.com” or give me a call at 208.949.0630 between the hours of 10am and 6pm.
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