Freak Alley Gallery Outdoor



8th – 9th & Bannock – Idaho

210 N. 9th St. Boise, ID. 83702

When We’re Open

Our outdoor mural gallery is free and open to the public all year long. Feel free to walk through day or night to check out the ever evolving painted murals.

Our event in the outdoor mural gallery takes place every year, from the first Saturday to the second Saturday in August. This year, it’s the 6th-13th, typically running between 6pm-2am all week long. We have an artwork unveiling event on the 13th of August from 5-9pm to showcase any and all Artists and their work, if they so choose. The entire, week long, “Art in Motion” process is interesting to see from any individual perspective, and we highly encourage anyone and everyone to stop by and see how individual artists, from the Boise area, work to create such an amazing Boise community staple.


Click on a map marker to see the current state of the outdoor gallery.


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