Kyla Beutler


Kyla is an award winning floral designer with 19 years of professional experience. In addition, she is a second generation designer. She has worked in garden nurseries planting the seeds that produce these amazing blossoms, managed an indoor plant nursery, sold wholesale flowers for a few years to other floral shops throughout Idaho, worked in high end flower shops in the NW which included working and training under John Carpenter in Boise, Idaho. In Seattle, Washington she was selected out of 62 applicants by former Society of American Florist (SAF) President Sten Crissey- the clientele base was a broad spectrum and included several revered people like famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. In Portland, Oregon she worked in a beautiful garden store where she created custom made wreaths for the likes of the Portland Mayor-Vera Katz, and where she honed her sales experience and efficiency.
Kyla Beutler Floral Artistry started in 2003 when she had the opportunity to design the outdoor rooftop patio and indoor plant space at Reef, flowers for Red Feather Lounge and the Boise Co-op. She took most of 2005 off and was blessed with a baby boy that is the light of her life. Leaping into the world of self employment has been met with many life lessons, fortune and joy. She has a studio space in her home and this allows her to be more available for her son Zander.
She ships designs all over the world and has floral art in galleries, garden stores and other various retail locations throughout Idaho.


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