Photo taken by: Benjamin Steiner

Tony Caprai


Boise based artist Tony Caprai has been involved heavily in Boise Idaho’s art scene for the past five years, and has been drawing and creating since the age of 8. With companionships in the fine art, street art, and tattoo art communities, Caprai has developed a unique skill set and style recognized throughout his hometown. Working against norms and constrictive ideals set by curators, art historians, and college professors, Caprai hopes to bring power back to the hands of the artists. His work remains biographical, psychological, and philosophical in nature as he utilizes his newly found outlook on artwork spawned by a 9 month residency occupying a 7,000 square foot city loft space through Boise City Department of Arts and History. His current projects include pop-up shows in vacant spaces, live mural works, public art, and the construction of a massive scale body of work combining abstraction and realism.  


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