It’s Time To Spend A Awesome Weekend In Philadelphia

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Make the most of your weekend in Philadelphia via building an itinerary for all the fun sights and sports in your to-do list. This is a day with the aid of-day guide that will help you percent the best Philadelphia has to provide into simply 3 days.

What makes Philadelphia so memorable is its unique combination of experiences that must be observed in man or woman. By day, explore four centuries of history and architecture, beautiful neighborhoods, super museum collections, and endless buying. After the sun sets, the metropolis heats up with acclaimed acting arts, extremely good dining, and vibrant nightlife. So, wanna experience to see all these places in front of your eyes. Just get an allegiant airlines reservations to reach here very easily as well as under your budget and spend your time over here and make some picturesque.

Friday Evening

Go boutique together with your inns—you get the service and precise vibe that takes a journey to the next level. Conveniently positioned near the downtown center and many local sports, Loews Philadelphia Hotel gives more than a few plush amenities, inclusive of a spa and an indoor pool.

You have seventy-two hours in Philadelphia to discover all that the town has to provide. After journeying and checking in, you’re possibly hungry and equipped to enjoy an international-elegance meal at a close-by restaurant. Take a stroll from your downtown lodge to Maggiano’s Little Italy on Filbert Street, in which you could revel in classic Italian dishes in a family-pleasant ecosystem.

If you’re still wide wakeful after dinner, strive Chris’ Jazz Cafe. The tune venue offers stay jazz performances during the weekend and serve cocktails, beers, and blended liquids in an energetic but cozy environment.

Saturday Morning

You awaken to the intense Philadelphia sunshine, and you’re ready to take on the day. Start Saturday morning proper with a quick espresso at Nook Bakery & Coffee Bar, which prepares house-made coffees in a comfortable, vintage-fashion space. If you’re seeking out a more extensive meal to gas your subsequent 48 hours in Philadelphia, check out Miles Table, a hip breakfast and brunch spot.

After breakfast, ease into the overdue morning with a quiet walk below the tall bushes at Spruce Street Harbor Park. You can stroll near the Delaware River and take inside the colorful herbal environment.

For lunch, ebook a desk at Farmer’s Keep. You’ll have your meal custom organized after deciding on your dish and preferred ingredients. It’s a unique restaurant that’s sure to make for a memorable meal.

Saturday Evening

As an epicenter for sports, Philadelphia homes multiple well-known venues for high-caliber entertainment. During baseball season, enthusiasts of the Philadelphia Phillies can seize a game at Citizens Bank Park. During the cooler months, you would possibly take in an Eagles football recreation at Lincoln Financial Field or enjoy a Flyers game on the Wells Fargo Center.

There’s additionally masses to do inside the evening for the non-sports enthusiasts traveling Philadelphia for the weekend. Why no longer check out the playbill at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts? The venue gives live songs and theater in a convenient downtown Broad Street location. Walk down the Avenue of the Arts in Center City for a remarkable introduction to the Philadelphia arts scene.

For dinner on Saturday night time, seafood enthusiasts should attempt Oyster House for east coast classics like lobster and oysters. Townsend on Passyunk Avenue offers a high-quality alternative, with French bistro ingredients served in romantic eating space.

Sunday Morning

Start your Sunday morning with a secure dining enjoy at the Dutch Eating Place. This Pennsylvania-Dutch restaurant in the Reading Terminal Market gives a number of homestyle breakfast and lunch options.

You best have 24 hours in Philadelphia, so after breakfast, take the time to explore the Reading Terminal Market and its vendors. Then, go to the Philadelphia City Hall to revel in perspectives over the metropolis from the remark deck.

Once you’ve had a danger surprise at the cityscape, make your way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum is on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and homes one of the most complete artwork collections across the U.S .. You’ll discover an intensive collection of Marcel Duchamp originals and a full variety of artwork from Europe, Asia, and across America. In total, the museum capabilities over 2 hundred galleries to explore.

Sunday Evening

With just a few hours left to take in the points of interest of Philadelphia, make your way to the Liberty Bell Center for a few pictures offering an icon of American history. Families may then head to the Adventure Aquarium, that’s determined throughout the Delaware River from downtown Philadelphia.

For dinner in your final night in the city, strive an upscale dining experience at The Capital Grille on Chestnut Street. Families searching out a greater relaxed option need to strive Broad Street Diner for comfort meals and communication.

Adults seeking a spot for after-dinner beverages on Sunday night will love The Ranstead Room, a glamorous, speakeasy-inspired bar within the heart of Philadelphia’s downtown.


Take the time to discover your options in historic Philadelphia. This place is such an amazing place. Just pack your bags and make delta airlines reservations to reach here to spend an unforgettable weekend awaits for you!

Enhancing the Value of a Home with The Help of Best Quality Exterior Lighting

A home is a place of pride and joy. This is the main reason people use the best Innovative LED Lighting in their homes for exterior lighting. Several things are surrounding the home like one may have planted the flower beds; one may have a lawn and many other things. One must plan to add a good amount of landscape lighting so that the home is a safer place and also it adds to its aesthetics side-by-side.

Some of the common benefits of professional exterior lighting have been mentioned as follows:

  1. It will help in the illumination of the outdoor based living space: Not every time one spends time with the friends and the family members in the living room and often one plans to go outside. The backyard is the perfect place to nicely entertain the guests and have various kinds of meals. So, the outdoor based lighting will help to add good amount of illumination to outdoor spaces and will also help to use them at the evening time. It will also help to add the right kind of ambience to space where one can spend some time before going to bed. Depending upon the requirements, one can also install some lights with the dim-based feature. This will help to enjoy the romantic evening with the spouse and one can use the bright light when kids are playing outside. These kinds of lights come in various shapes as well as designs which help to make it easy for use.
  2. It will help to highlight the Landscape-based decor: In case one strategically places the lightning then one can highlight the various features which one already has. One can guide the people to the front door with the help of energy-efficient solar-based lights. One can even use exterior lighting to mark the property related lines and in creating the barriers. These are the excellent ways to show some special features of the house or one can place lights near to the fountains and trees. People can also use the outdoor-based lighting on the railings and staircases, or these can be even put on the ground. Another good option is to use the statement -based lights. The statement-based lights have very unique features. They can help in lighting up the mood and can even go with the theme of the décor. It can be even used to incorporate various colours in the porch to give it a better look.
  3. It will help in enhancing the value of the property: In addition to all the other benefits, the exterior lighting helps to increase the value of the whole property. The concept of the outdoor-based lighting will also help to get an immediate return on the investment side by side one can enjoy the all associated benefits. In case one strategically places the entire outdoor lighting then one can showcase the great features of the house. This can also be very well used to highlight all the architectural based features of the home. One can also use this concept based on the moonlight effect. With the help of this design, the light will be very soft and will also illuminate the whole outdoor space. One can very easily make the neighbours jealous with the help of implementation of this kind of lights.
  4. It will help to keep everybody safe: Outdoor based lighting is not only beautiful but will also help to add a feature of safety to the home. One can use the lights to illuminate the paths and walkways. It is very much important to put lights on the stairs and uneven areas so that it can help in preventing the injuries like twisting the ankle. It will also help in reducing the people slipping near the property. The outdoor-based lightning can also help in decorating the areas near swimming pools to enhance their value. It will also help to keep the family safe side by side improving the aesthetics of the whole home.
  5. It will help in reducing the crime: Another important feature of the outdoor-based lightning is it will help in preventing crime. These kinds of lights can offer a comfortable path to the guests who are coming home as the porch will be well lit. Well-maintained lighting will help to show people that this home cares for it and anybody trespassing it will be caught. In case a person is worried about the bills associated with these lights, then one can go with the option of LED lights as they consume less energy and can even work with the help of motion sensors. This will help in saving a lot of money side-by-side improving the safety of the home. People can also set timers in the outdoor lights so that the lights will be turned on as it becomes dark. This can even be done in case the person is not at home.
  6. . It will help to improve the appearance: Another benefit of the outdoor lighting is that it will help in enhancing the whole overall look of the home. With proper positioning of the outdoor based lights, the architectural features will be enhanced as soon as the sun sets. One can also use these kinds of lights on the commercial properties to give them a colourful appeal and make it look much more beautiful.
  7. . Increasing the extended use of the living spaces: With the help of proper lighting in the living space, people will be using it for extended purposes like swimming at the nights, grilling outdoors and many more things. People will start spending time outdoors with their friends and family in case the area is well lit and has good ambience. This is a good way to relax side-by-side ensuring the safety of the home.Top LED light manufacturer in India help to provide all such features so that people can enjoy at their places. This will add a good amount of value to the home and will also help to provide good resale value at the time of selling it.
Know Whether You Should Opt for RBI Moratorium on a Home Loan or Not

According to the latest directive issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), borrowers are allowed a 3-month moratorium period on instalment payment. This moratorium period on home loans borrowers is thus similarly applicable on EMI payment for the months of March to May. As a result, individuals have received relaxation from paying both the principal and interest component as EMI for 3 months.

However, notwithstanding the urgency of this instruction, there are some advantages and disadvantages of a moratorium on home loans in general. On the other hand, individuals often wonder whether opting for a moratorium on housing credit EMI is a viable financial option. Therefore, let’s consider some of the positive and negative consequences of choosing a moratorium period on home loans.

What are the Perks of a Moratorium on a Home Loan?

Applying for a moratorium period for a home loan EMI has its own set of advantages. Even though it is merely a ‘grace period’ or a ‘holiday period’, a moratorium has some short-term financial implications. Therefore, it is an efficient option for individuals who are facing some temporary difficulties to meet their home loan EMI obligations.

Moreover, some of the additional perks of home loan moratorium period include the following –

  • A temporary relaxation – A moratorium period on home loan EMI works the best for individuals who have a shortage of current finances. They often face temporary cash shortages that make it difficult for them to maintain paying EMIs. As a result, they often experience worries regarding defaulting on their repayment liabilities.

To overcome this particular scenario; a home loan moratorium comes as way out. With this option, individuals can avoid defaulting on home loan EMI to prevent undesirable outcomes. It is especially so for the ones who are facing delays while receiving their monthly salary. Therefore, moratorium takes into account these unexpected occurrences and ensures maximum financial comfort, albeit temporary.


  • Opportunity to manage short-term finances – In addition to temporary relief, moratorium also creates a financial opportunity. Thus, individuals can effectively manage their expenses related to purposes other than EMI repayment. It is possible that they can experience urgent and emergency needs that require immediate financial attention. Therefore, financing both the requirement and EMI payment proves to be an inconvenience.

A moratorium period thus provides a window of opportunity to channelise one’s finances in the most urgent direction. Besides, individuals can also opt for a moratorium period to accumulate excess funds to pay their EMIs in the subsequent months. Consequently, individuals can manage their short-term financial requirements and EMI payment with this beneficial process.

With the discussion on the perks of a moratorium on home loans, let’s move on to the drawbacks of this facility.

What are the Shortcomings of a Moratorium on Home Loans?

Moratorium period on home loans can also be associated with a handful of shortcomings. Since this facility is only a temporary relief, individuals do have to fulfil their repayment liabilities at the end.

Therefore, the prominent disadvantages of this moratorium include the following –

  • The amount of interest on principal accumulates for the months that an individual does not pay home loan EMI. As a result, they ultimately have to pay EMI in a fresh month after the expiry of the moratorium period.
  • The overall repayment amount increases that take an individual a longer tenor to pay back. Therefore, the amount of interest accruing as per the home loan rates increases by the end of the loan period.

However, a comparison between the perks and drawbacks suggests that an EMI moratorium is a beneficial option if you need to adjust finances immediately. There are many other benefits of moratorium period.  Consequently, individuals can gain financially from moratorium periods, especially on high-value home loans like up to Rs.3.5 crore issued by reputed HFCs.

Besides, these lenders also provide pre-approved offers on a range of secured financial products such as home loans and loan against property. These offers additionally make for a time-saving and hassle-free approval experience. You can check your pre-approved offer just by entering your name and contact information.

As for moratorium on home loan EMI, it is a beneficial option to manage short-term finances. Additionally, this allows individuals to pay attention to other financial requirements that may be urgent to attend.

Find the Right Place to Stay and Enjoy In Port Blair

We always look for a comfortable bed after a long and exhausting day. When traveling around Port Blair, you will surely feel restless at some point. In such a case, you should find a place to take rest and get back into your journey again.

Do you plan a trip to the capital city of the Andaman Island, Port Blair to enjoy mesmerizing beauty and nature scenery? Well, it is the gateway to exploring the island from a new perspective. It has many good places to visit such as museums, Mount Harriet, Corbyn’s Cove, Japanese bunker, and much more. It also renders a great chance to find different kinds of flora and fauna. Additionally, this island gives us a visual treat by showing rich marine life, which we had ever seen before.

It also gives space to indulge in water sports activities, which offer some unforgettable memories to cherish for the lifetime. Besides, we can find high peaks and rich culture and diversity of the land. As soon as you decide to visit Port Blair, you should find the Best place to stay in port blair because it is the most important aspect to do. Keep in mind that you should never compromise on the place to stay because it can break or make the trip.

Where to stay in Port Blair

As we said before, accommodation is extremely important in any kind of travel. Unlike other destinations, Port Blair is offering all sorts of budget hotels, which means finding the Hotel in port blair no more a problem. You will find offerings right from low, mid, and premium budget. However, keep one thing in mind that constant fare rate is not possible because it changes according to the season time.

During the peak season, prices of the Best Andaman Tour Packages is too high and places get fill too quickly. It is always advisable to book the room of your choice beforehand to avoid issues at the time of travel. Remember camping is not allowed on the beaches and public land. Read out the things to do in Port Blair before your trip starts to avoid hassles.

Are you finding a problem in searching for the right destination to stay? It is because when choices are great and too much, it becomes overwhelming to choose the right one. So, take help from below mentioned steps. It helps you to find the right Budget hotel in port blair.

  • It does not matter, what kind of booking site you access, firstly filter the options according to your needs. It means you should filter or sort hotels as per your desired price after putting the dates and desirable location. Next, filter the option with the expected amenities you need in the hotel. Select the type of hotel that wants to stay likes a Family hotel in port blair. After eliminating the hotels, which not match your needs, a fewer option displays in the screen to select. If you are looking best status on your social media for your social media visit here Best Love Status.
  • Now, it is time to sort the list according to the price and review ratings. Upon doing these filtrations, the final options are awesome and make the trip great. After confirmation of the accommodation, pack the items properly and play the trip accordingly to enjoy a lot. Always be smarter to explore many things in this beautiful Island.
  • Before traveling to the destination, take a look at the map to find the popular attractions and mode of transportation. Usually, these things are mentioned in the hotel description but it takes more time to read. It is always suggested to look for the map view and plan you according to your needs.
  • When booking the port blair tour packages, you should decide what is important in the hotel. It is because some people give preference to the hotel with free breakfast or Wi-Fi. Check the details such as bed size, toiletries, and 24-hour reception service before arriving at the hotel if possible


To become a smart traveler, considering certain things such as accommodation beforehand is highly recommended. Upon taking help from the above section, finding the Best family hotel in port blair becomes easy. It also reduces the time being wasted on searching the right place to stay after reaching the destination. It makes you explore the Island without any stress.

10 Wig-Related Terms & Their Meaning Every Beginner Should Know

In the current age, wearing a wig has become a style statement, not merely a cover-up for shabby unkempt hair. Neither is using wigs the sole prerogative of drag queens or cancer patients who’ve lost considerable amounts of hair. In fact, the trend of wearing wigs has become very popular at the moment, especially due to the help of influencers enforcing these trends quite heavily.

However, if you are a beginner, who has bought new pairs of blonde human hair wigs, curly human hair wigs, or any other kind of human hair bob wigs, these are the few wig terms that you should acquaint yourselves with. Especially before beginning the process of getting wigs or wig products anymore.

Terms & Their Meanings

●     Mono/ Monofilament

This is the fine mesh fabric underlining the hair that is necessary for the construction of the wig. It’s shaped like a cap that fits perfectly on top of the curveball of one’s head. Often, the best human hair wigs are made with a transparent mesh, as it through the transparency of the cap, the hues from the colour of one’s own scalp show through, making the wig look more natural.

●     Denier

Denier is a unit of measurement that describes the thickness of a strand of hair used in the human hair wigs. The higher denier of make indicates that the hair is heavier. It’s a generally known fact that hair descending from Asians is far thicker than European or other Western countries.

Fun Fact –  Denier is also the unit of measurement used to gauge the thickness of tights and stockings.

●     Weft

A curtain of hair stitched together in a single space unit to construct a lower-priced wig is called the weft. Their handmade counter-parts are far more expensive. Smaller curtains of hair wefts are a good way to help a cost-effective way to increase one’s natural hair volume by placing them as extensions in one’s natural hair.

●     Returns

Returns are the shorter hair that is tied through the entire wig in order to give the human hair bob wigs a more natural look, making them look like flyaways or even to lessen the density of the hair volume from the wig. No, they are not breakage or damage; they are purely designed to give the hair a natural look.

●     Fringe

Fringe is another way to call bangs. A fringe is used to frame an often larger forehead, and give the face its definition, taking away from the intensity of the look, yet making one look youthful and cute at the same time. They can be blunt, straight-across bangs to side-swept one that look more natural. Almost everyone at a point in life has had a fringe.

●     Permatease

Generally, hairdressers tend to tease the roots of one’s hair on selected occasions to give the hair an instant bounce and volume at the roots, that defines the hair and head shape. However, vigorous teasing every day can cause damage to the roots of one’s hair. If you are someone who likes voluminous hair and owns curly hair, then it’s best to get curly human hair wigs with a permatease. Not only does this give a rounder shape to the head, a permanent tease but also helps conceal the wefts in any basic cap wigs.

●     Nape

Nape is the backend of the wig that lays on the back of one’s neck, the arched area that naturally descends into your back.

●     Density

The density of the best human hair wigs signifies how closely stranded are each hair strand. It also shows closely knit, the stands are in a single wig or even extensions. Make sure, not to confuse this term with the above mentioned, ‘denier’.

●     Remy

Remy is the way human hair was collected from manufacturing a wig. When a wig is termed as a Remy, it shows that 100% of the hair used in making the wig was collected with the cuticles of the hair facing one direction and not multiple. This may sound like an insignificant piece of information, yet Remy is considered a world-class highest quality when it comes to wig qualities.

●     Ear Tabs

Ear tabs are a feature of the wigs that makes sure that hair rests near the temple and not over the ears. They are used to adjust the placement of the hair wigs around the ears, securing it down to fit the head’s shape.

These are the ten must-know terms when it comes to wigs, and every beginner should know these for future reference.

What is Pregnancy Massage and How Can You Benefit From?
maternity massage greenwich

Women who have never been massage in pregnancy can be quite nervous at the idea of massaging themselves. They are looking for a way to help ease their worries about discomfort during pregnancy.

Find the Best Massage Service:

Massage for pregnant women is not hard to find. With so many massage services available for pregnant women, finding the best pregnant massage services is easy. If you are concerned about Massage for Pregnant Women, you will be surprised how easy it can be to find a reputable massage service that does offer a pregnancy massage.

What Type of Massage Should You Get?

The massage that you choose should be safe for your growing body. As soon as you find a massage therapist, they should give you a complete physical and pregnancy exam. They should also be able to offer you help with your maternity clothes and baby supplies.

Massage Can Soothe Your Tense Muscles:

Massage in pregnancy is a natural way to relax, so make sure you and your therapist are doing things that can help to relieve stress. A relaxing massage can soothe tense muscles. When you and your therapist are relaxed, it is easier to focus on relaxing your muscles.

The relaxation of massage is especially important to pregnant women. Do you know how bad your muscles feel when you are stressed out? Your swollen feet and legs may hurt even if you are walking around.

Techniques in Massage Include:

Taking a relaxing massage for pregnant women may be the perfect way to ease your tensions. Massage for Pregnant Women may also be a great way to help prevent morning sickness.

There are so many options for massage for pregnant women. There are many massage techniques, but most of them have benefits. Some of the common massage techniques that are available include:

Winter or Relaxation Massage:

Relaxation massage is perfect for getting ready for the arrival of your baby. It is sometimes called “winter massage” because it helps your skin stay smooth and supple. When it comes to a massage for pregnant women, relaxation massage is often recommended by chiropractors.

Very Helpful in Your Baby’s Growth:

Massage for pregnant women is beneficial to the whole body. By doing massage in pregnancy, you will be helping your baby to grow in the womb, helping your body to work smoothly, and easing your mind of any anxieties you might have.

Relax the Major Muscle Groups:

For massage in pregnancy, the most popular types of massage are those that will relax the major muscle groups. The major muscle groups are neck, lower back, buttocks, and ankles.

Most experts agree that the best massage for pregnant women is a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is done on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that make up a major muscle group.

Massage for pregnant women is great for promoting the health of both mother and baby. It is especially important for pregnant women to have a good supply of healthy circulation. Oxygen is essential for healthy babies.

Before you take the massage services, must concern with the most reputed massage centre. Meridian-Spa is one of the best massage centres in London, that fulfil all the needs.

Things to know all about Wedding Insurance Plans

Wedding Insurance Plans

Wedding insurance policies provide protection to your wedding outfits against damages due to covered incidents. Although the terms of coverage of such insurance plans vary between insurance providers, it is advisable for individuals to choose a marriage insurance policy that will help them financially secure their designer clothes.

Since the monetary loss is enormous, you can claim the insurance and meet your financial obligations towards its repair or repurchase.

What is covered under the wedding insurance policy?

You can claim benefits under wedding insurance policy in case your wedding outfit is damaged under specific conditions. The insurance policy provides coverage of a high amount as you apply for the policy with a reputed financial institution.

The features and ambit of coverage for this insurance plan are discussed below –

  • Fire or flood

Damage caused to your wedding dress due to natural calamities such as floods, fire, explosion, earthquake, lightning, strike, cyclones, etc. is covered under this policy.

Note that different insurance providers provide varied coverage sums for such incidents. While some may suffice for a complete replacement which is often a basic requirement, others may provide a sum assured substantial only for repairs. It is vital to check the sum insured under this coverage term separately as provided by an insurer.

Bajaj Finserv is one such insurance aggregator which offers Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions such as the Wedding Dress Insurance cover with a sum assured of up to Rs.50,000.

  • Theft or robbery

You may also claim the designer clothes insurance policy amount if your outfit gets stolen or robbed. These insurance policies can help you in dealing with the sudden loss in a convenient manner.

Given the fact that weddings are a grand event with lots of aspects such as music concerts, etc. to take care, you can also purchase an event insurance to financially secure the whole wedding. With reputed insurance providers, you can avail an insured sum of Rs.3 lakh against a very nominal yearly premium.

  • Accidental loss or damage

Accidental damage of the wedding dress can also land you in trouble which you can safeguard with the help of a marriage insurance policy. It should be noted that you will be insured of the amount that is printed on the purchase invoice of the wedding dress.

Make sure you provide adequate and valid documents to register your claim with the insurance provider for a hassle-free process.

How can you claim the insurance?

In order to claim your wedding dresses insurance plan, you will be required to follow a few simple steps as set by the financial service provider. Most providers have eased the process to facilitate the users with benefits of availing the amount.

All you have to do is call up the customer care support executive of the insurance provider soon after your dress is damaged or stolen. Lodge a claim with them for the insurance amount within the next 24 hours.

To process the claim, you will be required to submit the following documents –

  • Duly filled signed claim form.
  • Purchase-invoice.
  • FIR photocopy in case of theft or burglary.

You may opt for a designer clothes insurance plan as well if your wedding dress is designer-made. With this, you can be insured up to Rs.50,000 for a minimal premium. Above all, make sure you select the suitable marriage insurance policy, which will help you safeguard your clothing and other essentials in the appropriate manner.

Relating Physics to Everyday Life

On this “Living Planet” that we call Earth, lots of interesting events occur. These events are the events that we see or experience regularly. At some point, your curiosity would have pushed you to ask about what was going on? The answer to all these questions is Physics. Physics can quench your thirst for knowledge and facts. It governs our life in one way or the other. In this article, let us discuss various instances in which physics come into play.

Simple Machines

Park is a place where you can easily see physics in action. Have you ever wondered about the science behind the slide and the see-saw that you so often play with? The functionality of various equipment in parks is based on simple machines. A simple machine is a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force. Simple machines such as levers come in different variations, each with varying fulcrum locations. They magnify force, lessening the effort needed to move objects on the opposite end.

  • A see-saw at a park consists of a lever (locations for sitting) and the fulcrum (placed in the middle). The two opposing forces counterbalance each other and create a smooth ride through the air.
  • Slide is a device that combines stairs going up and a slide going down, both examples of inclined planes. The inclined plane eases the effort of climbing by spreading it over a longer distance. The smooth slide returns you gently to earth, slowing the influence of gravity just enough to make it fun.

Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion occurs when a particle or object moves back and forth within a stable equilibrium position under the influence of a restoring force proportional to its displacement.  Simple harmonic motion is used to model many real life situations. Following are a few situations:

  • The back and forth repetitive movements of a swing in the park against the restoring force is an example of simple harmonic motion.
  • The car shock absorbers attached to the wheels employ the principle of simple harmonic motion to ensure a safe ride to the passengers. When a car hits a bumpy road, the springs or shockers act as a shock absorber. The restoring force on the spring will push the car back into place
  • The back and forth movement of a cradle is caused due to a single push and is maintained by the principle of SHM.


Rotational Motion

Rotational motion of a rigid body around a fixed axis is a type of motion in which all the particles constituting the body undergoes circular motion about a common axis. Rotational motion of a rigid body around a fixed axis is a special case of rotational motion. During rotational motion, there is also a possibility of the axis changing its orientation. A few examples of rotational motion in our daily life are:

  • The rotation of Earth about its axis creates the cycle of day and night
  • Motion of wheels, gears and motors are examples of rotational motion
  • A door swivelling on its hinges on opening and closing it is an example of rotational motion
  • A spinning top and a Ferris wheel in an amusement park is an example of rotational motion.

Sense of Seeing

We see the wonders of the world through our eyes.  When we talk about body parts and their function , it is understood that we are talking about Biology. But, we neglect the fact that functions of body parts also work under the laws of Physics and Chemistry.  When we talk about our sense of vision, we come to realize that eyes work as a camera to see things around us.  The lens in our eyes is a convex lens.  When light enters our eyes, the cornea and lens focus the light. Iris of the eye creates an image on the retina, which is real and inverted. The image of light is converted into electrical signals and sent to the vision centre of the brain by the optic nerve. The vision centre analyses the electric signal received and arranges it into its original form to be seen by the eye.

Learning Physics is more than the study of black holes and stars in space, it is the study of interactions between matter and energy. From volcanoes to the ocean’s waves, understanding each of them requires the study of physics. Subscribe to BYJU’S and learn various Physics concepts with the help of interactive video lessons!

Here’s Why You Should Pay Off Credit Card Bills Using A Personal Loan

Why You Should Pay Off Credit Card Bills Using A Personal Loan

With spending power that comes with credit cards, it is easy to be trapped in the vicious cycle of debt if one is not cautious. The situation becomes dire when the debt is spread over multiple cards. The situation can be tackled easily through personal loans. These unsecured loans have minimal documentation and no collateral can be used to mitigate immediate financial crunches at feasible interest rates.

Let’s delve further into personal loans and how they can be used to pay off credit card bills.

Personal loans: A glance

With minimal personal loan documents and no collateral submission, personal loans are the most accessible credit options for all regardless of self-employed or salaried applicants. Being unsecured, lenders use stringent criteria for loan qualification. Most lenders rely on the credit scores by CIBIL to determine the eligibility of the applicant. Applicants should note that the eligibility criteria vary from lender to lender. Applicants can verify their eligibility using a personal loan eligibility calculator.

Surmised below are the eligibility criteria for Fullerton India.


Parameters Salaried Self-employed
Credit score 750 or above 750 or above
Age limits 21-60 21- 60
ITR Required while submitting documents Applicants should have income tax returns filed for the past 2 or 3 years.
Income A minimum monthly income of Rs 25,000 for applicants from Delhi or Mumbai and Rs 20,000 for other applicants. A minimum profitable income after-tax which should be a viable amount in the respective industry
Work Experience One year One year

How do personal loans help to tackle the overdue of a credit card?

Although a higher spending one can earn points on a credit card, a defaulted repayment can negatively affect the credit score. Especially if you possess multiple cards and the balance is split across, it would be advisable to pay off the due as soon as possible to avoid hefty charges.

The most prominent method to handle credit overdue is by applying for a personal loan. With booming digitization, most lenders provide a personal loan online apply option through their websites or applications, making the process hassle-free.

Let’s check out the benefits of opting a personal loan:

  • Lower interest rates

The interest rates on an outstanding due of a credit card multiplies with each day of delayed payment and is much higher than personal loan interest rates. By adopting personal loans with lower interest rates, you can save your funds from exhausting. One of the easiest ways to compare this fact is using the annual percentage rate of the two choices. A choice with a lower annual percentage rate helps you save better.

  • Consolidating the overdue

If you are a holder of multiple cards, with dues spread across, the best way to combine the debt is to opt for personal loans. With just one monthly repayment at lower interest rates, one can handle their finances better.

  • Flexibility

Personal loans are a popular credit tool among the masses because of the flexibility it offers. It allows the applicant to choose their tenure based on their financial capacity to repay the EMIs. Such flexibility is not available with credit cards.

  • Enhancing credit score

Credit card dues can reduce the credit score of the cardholder. By opting a flexible personal loan option, one can not only pay their dues but also improve their credit scores.


Personal loans are often saviours, especially when one drifts in a rough tide of dues. By choosing the right lenders with best interest rates, one can not only pay off their dues but also improve their credit scores.

Easy Tips to Choose Best Online Loan for your Higher Education

According to a report presented by ICEF, India is the world’s second-largest source when it comes to sending students abroad. As per the data revealed by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the total number of students studying abroad stood at 7.53 lakh as of July 2018.

Today, every parent realises the essence of quality education and wants their child to get quality education from renowned institutions be it in India or abroad. However, the cost of education in such esteemed colleges is substantial and may cause financial strain on the parents. An alternate option to arrange the necessary funds is to opt for a higher education loan.

With an unsecured loan, individuals will be able to finance their child’s higher education easily. However, it can be tricky to choose the right lender because of the numerous loan opportunities available online.

Therefore, look at the tips mentioned below to choose the best personal loan for higher education scheme.

Tips to choose personal loan online for education

  • Loan amount

Parents can apply for a Higher education loan and utilise the amount to fund their child’s educational needs. Since these are unsecured loans, one can easily avail the loan without having to hypothecate assets. Financial institutions offer loan amounts of up to Rs.25 lakh to customers.

Therefore, one needs to make sure the financial institution they choose for the online loan offers them sufficient loan amount. Ensuring this will help parents fund their kids’ higher education expenses.

  • Interest rate

Rate of interest is one of the most critical factors, which can determine the best option for higher education loan. This is because the EMIs and the total cost of the loan depend upon it. One can compare the rates offered by different financial companies and choose the one that offers them a loan at competitive rates of interest.

Further, one can avail better interest rate for personal loan by considering these factors –

  • Maintaining a credit score of 750 and above is essential to avail such loans, as this is an unsecured loan. Hence, financial institutions look for the applicant’s credibility to confirm that they will be able to repay the loan in future. Consequently, individuals must maintain a decent CIBIL score to avail the most competitive rates of interest.
  • Financial companies check the repayment history of applicants before approving a loan. Hence, individuals, who have a good credit repayment record, can get a better quote for an interest rate.
  • A loan may comprise several charges like processing fee, interest charge, etc. Have a look at those before choosing the lender as these increase the cost of a loan.


  • Tenor

Financial companies offer customers a flexible range of tenors (up to 60 months) to choose from for their unsecured higher education loan. Individuals should choose a lender that offers a flexible range of tenors so that loan repayment becomes easier.

  • Ease in access

Easy application procedure and quick disbursal time make it convenient for individuals to avail loans. Hence, parents should look for lenders that have an easy application process. Additionally, approval and disbursement times must be quick as well. Some companies disburse the loan amount within 24 hours.

Further, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv make the loan application procedure simple for the borrowers with the introduction of pre-approved offers. Such offers are available on several financial products such as personal loans, business loans, etc. Individuals can check pre-approved offers instantly by inputting their name and contact number.

  • Eligibility and documents

Individuals should look for the personal loan eligibility criteria of different financial institutions before deciding on the lender. Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria that financial companies seek.

(For salaried individuals)

  • One should be an Indian resident.
  • Age range between 23 and 55 years
  • One must be a salaried employee of an MNC, private, or public firm.
  • The minimum salary range depends upon the city of residence.

(For self-employed professionals)

  • Age should be between 22 and 55 years.
  • CIBIL score should be above 750.
  • One should have a business vintage of at least 3 years.

These are some of the basic requirements for most financial lenders. Hence, one should avoid financial institutions that ask borrowers to fulfil complex eligibility conditions.

Considering the above-mentioned pointers, individuals will be able to make better decisions regarding choosing the right lender for personal loan. A wise decision will help them acquire loans at a beneficial cost, and they shall be able to fund their child’s higher education better while not harming their savings.

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