4 reasons why you cannot miss hiring overseas consultants

In our country, a large number of students are aspirants of going abroad. They have already made their minds on going abroad for their studies and that is why the number is rising every day. If we say in a class half of the students will go abroad then we will not be wrong. It is just becoming an ever increasing trend in youngsters. But study abroad is not a one time or overnight decision it takes time and you have to prepare for many things.

If you are interested in going to the Netherlands then you have to hire Netherlands education consultants for this. Hiring education consultants is an underrated task and not everyone is interested in this. The majority of the students ignore or skip this and then end up regretting for not getting the right college, course, and even visa. That is why it is always better to choose them but still, if you are having doubts in mind that whether to hire or contact them or not. Then here are some important reasons that you must know before making your final decision:

  • For the purpose of career counseling: If you want to study abroad then you must that you also need some or the other type of career counseling. It will help you to make better decisions in terms of the course and college to be selected. The overseas consultants are providing their services in offering career related counseling to the students who are aspirants of going abroad for their study and career.
  • Getting suggestions: Not every time the students have chosen the country to which they want to fly. Sometimes they need expert guidance in choosing the country on the basis of some important parameters. Those who have not been selected can get the suggestions from the consultants as they are experienced enough to guide on in selecting the right country as per your interest and requirements.
  • Admission suggestions: The services that the consultants offer are broader in terms of scope. They also help the students in knowing their possibility of admission. They help in applying for the college or the university that offers the same course that the students want to pursue. Being new to this makes us unaware of the available colleges, universities, etc in the new country, and in this situation, consultants are very helpful.
  • Visa approval: Getting your visa is the luckiest thing for students who want to go abroad. It will be the first major step towards their dream journey. But the students need proper visa assistance in case of getting an approved visa. The consultants make sure that no chance of error or a mistake is left in applying for the visa so that the students can get the visa at the earliest.

So, this is clear from the above reasons that the consultants play a major role in your study abroad journey as they work as a helping hand in choosing the country, college, course, intake, and almost everything.

Economics Assignment Help Online


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DEFINITION: Economics is a social science that examines how people interact with value, specifically how products and services are produced, distributed, and consumed. The study of economic agents’ activities and relationships, as well as how economies function, is the subject of economics.

MEANING: The term “economics” can be defined in a variety of ways. It’s the research into scarcity, how people use resources and respond to incentives, or how people make decisions. It frequently discusses wealth and finance, although it is not only about money.

Our daily lives are influenced by economics. Understanding previous, future and present economic models allow us to apply them to communities, governments, enterprises, and individuals.


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  1. What is Economics?

Ans. The term “economics” can be defined in a variety of ways. It’s the research into scarcity, how people use resources and respond to incentives, or how people make decisions. It frequently discusses wealth and finance, although it is not only about money.

Our daily lives are influenced by economics. Understanding previous, future and present economic models allow us to apply them to communities, governments, enterprises, and individuals.

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How is the liquid used for masking?


Some painters are absolutely at ease having their studio full of mediums and auxiliaries: certainly, those who paint with oil colors know something about it. However, even those who delight in watercolors often have to deal with some precious medium and useful auxiliary products.

The one around which most of the questions are concentrated is, usually, the liquid for masking watercolors: how to use it correctly? And how many different types of masking liquid are there?

How to make white in watercolor

Before we see how to use watercolor masking liquid, let’s take a step back: how do you do white in the world of watercolor?

It is a trivial question for the expert watercolorist and a real pitfall for those approaching this discipline just now. The sheet typically gives the white in the watercolor: where you don’t paint, in short, there is white. Simple, isn’t it? Actually, no, it is not at all easy, at least not from the beginning. The good watercolorist is indeed the one who manages to leave some white without making it clear that what you are looking at is a bare sheet and cool drawing ideas.

Since the whiteness of the paper support gives the white in the watercolor, it is understood that it is not something that can do at any time. Therefore, the white areas must be planned before starting to paint to ensure that not even a drop of color ends up inside them. However, as the watercolors know well, this is not easy because the watercolor does not offer total control.

The liquid for masking: what it is and what types exist

Therefore, it is understood that the liquid for the masking is a particular medium that makes it possible to ensure that the white areas remain so until the end of the painting. How is it possible?

The masking liquid is a colorless liquid that must place before starting to paint where you do not want to end up – by mistake – no color. When the masking liquid is deposited, you can be sure that there will be no “leaks” of color towards areas that must remain candid.

Of auxiliary products for masking watercolor, it must be said, and there are different types. The classic one is precisely the masking liquid, which is very fluid, transparent, and designed to be removed once the painting is finished to leave the sheet naked under it.

But there are also unique masking products that are permanent and must not be removed from the watercolor. This category includes the Winsor & Newton Permanent Masking Medium, which looks like a liquid wax with a whitish color. Being water repellent, it does not allow the paint to settle and take hold of the substrate. Then there is the white liquid gum, which can be used as a regular liquid for masking, and there are the so-called watercolor masking pens, which allow you to create white areas very precisely!

When to use masking medium

Let’s start with an assumption: some watercolor painters have used the liquid to mask a few or rare times, and many others have never tried it without giving up white spaces within their works.

Undoubtedly, the masking medium allows you to leave white areas more comfortable and decidedly more precise. There are many opportunities to use this medium. Think, for example, a watercolor depicting the sea, and the masking liquid could use to leave spaces of light between the waves, indicate the foam of the same, and enhance the sails of passing boats or the body of the body the lighthouse that rises from the cliff.

How to use watercolor masking liquid

Many watercolors do not use masking liquid because they fear making a mess and ruining their work. Indeed, the possibility of doing minor damage exists, but only if you use this medium in the wrong way.

Plan its use

First of all, as anticipated, the use of the watercolor masking liquid must be planned upstream, even before starting. All the areas that should remain white should be marked and “covered” with the transparent mask even before dipping the brush in color.

Do not shake the liquid but mix it gently

As for the use of the classic liquid for watercolor masking, it must be said that it should never, ever be shaken too much, let alone shaken. Before using it, it will be more than enough to mix it gently, perhaps with a wooden stick.

To better preserve their reserve, the most careful will pour a little liquid into a small bowl to not continue opening and closing the vial (from this point of view, the masking pens are incredibly comfortable). Sometimes it is necessary to dilute the liquid, which could be excessively thick slightly.

Use old brushes

Among the most common mistakes in using masking liquid is to use one of your “good” paintbrushes to distribute it on the sheet. But, of course, it should never do without compromising the health of that brush drastically. Better to use old brushes and close to retirement, or maybe wooden sticks or old exhausted pens.

The liquid must always spread on dry paper – any humidity would glue it to the sheet, making it impossible to remove it at the end of the job – and then you will have to wait a few minutes before painting in its vicinity. Once the watercolor is finished, it is good to wait until everything is arid before removing this film. This action must be done gently, starting from the edges, with the fingertips or something well pointed and spotless (not to leave tracks right on the most beautiful).

Why it is useful to consider the CA exam series?

CA Exam Series allow students to practice revision tactics which have been demonstrated to be more useful and to find out what is best for them. There have been various efficient memory techniques. In one of the largest review reports of memory, researchers found that it is useful to spread over the revision (so that there is sufficient time to forget and learn again); to teach the material to someone else (this forces you to think clearly and structurally about the material) and to switch between subjects from time to time (which helps you build on previous revision sessions).

The CA Exam Series is a vital factor in deciding a student’s success in the examinations. CA Exam Series are like workouts that can aid the CA Aspirants greatly.

  1. Convenience

There is much convenience in preparing candidates for CA Exam Series. Traditional stylus and paper must not be used, as it can take time. CA Exam Series save time and are easy to access from anywhere. Candidates are able to take practice tests from home or on smartphones, etc.

  1. Time management

Solving CA Exam Series assist you efficiently control your time, as practice perfects a man. The funny exams that you are taking will help you accelerate your exam.

  1. Encouragement or Discouragement

Instant CA Exam Series has to give something. You can be encouraged or discouraged on the basis of how successfully you achieve this. You can be encouraged if you managed to achieve a good result in the mock test. It can discourage you if your score is inadequate. This isn’t a sign of discouragement, though, as the ridiculous exam indicates where you may improve based on poor results. It allows you time to look in.

  1. Computer Based test

The nicest thing about computer based testing is that most mock testing is carried out on computers today, except for very few tests. It provides you confidence and the practice of taking the real test using a computer.


  1. Self Assessment

You can evaluate your performance on a range of metrics and know exactly what part of the examination you need to improve. There are a number of evaluation tools such as graphs and performance charts to help you better know.

CA aspirants taking the CA examination must do CA Exam Series. It resembles the examination paper and enables candidates to be prepared. The authorities prepare the mock test according to the current examination format and curriculum. In the event of any modification in the examination pattern, the officials update it in the mock test of the candidates’ practice.

Those who want to perform CA Exam Series have to take a number of actions. The officials offer online the CA Exam Series facility. The test can only be taken by registered candidates. In order to avoid confusion, candidates must read carefully the instructions offered at the beginning of the CA Exam Series. On the official website of the appropriate testing body, the links for the CA Exam Series can be found.

What is Regression in Statistics with example

Regression is a statistical technique used in statistics, finance, accounting, and other fields to assess the strength and nature of a connection between one dependant variable (typically denoted by Y) and a set of other variables (known as independent variables). The most well-known approach of regression analysis is linear regression, in which a practitioner looks for the line that better fits the data using a set of statistical rules. For eg, the well-known least-squares approach uses a special line (or hyperplane) to limit the maximum count of rounded fractions between both the genuine data and that line.

This helps the analyst to calculate the dependent variable’s dependent choice (or population norm prediction) statistics assignment help while the free parameters take on a certain set of characteristics for statistical use. 

In statistics, there are several varieties of regression, so it’s crucial to know what they are before getting into the specifics. Let’s start by going over what statistical regression is. Regression is a form of analytics that is particularly helpful for predicting data.

What is Regression?

In statistics, regression is applied to figure out how dependent variables or criterion indicators are related to at least one predictor or metric. The regression describes how changes in expectations contribute to changes in particular predictors. The implicit choice for predictor models in which the usual value of the dependent parameters is given when the independent parameters are changed. Regression is effective for a range of tasks, including assessing the accuracy of measurements, analyzing an outcome, and predicting trends.

Regression Types:

  • Linear regression
  • Lasso regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Ridge regression
  • Polynomial regression
  • Stepwise regression

Regression analysis In Forecasting

The regression approach for forecasting includes measuring the interaction between two separate variables, referred to as the dependency and independent variables. Let’s say you need to forecast future deals for your business because you’ve seen your sector grow or fall in response to changes in Gross domestic product. (The Gross domestic product is the number of all goods considered and benefits given within a country’s boundaries, and it is calculated annually by the Commerce Department in the U.s.) As it is based on the free variable, GDP, your company will become the dependent variable at some point.

Example of How Regression Analysis Is Utilized

Regression is normally used to assess how particular variables affect the market change of an asset, such as product prices, inflation rates, specific markets, or sectors. The CAPM, as previously said, is based on regression and is used to project projected stock returns and calculate capital costs. To measure a stock’s beta, the returns deteriorate against the returns of a larger benchmark, such as the S& P 500.

The uncertainty of a stock in comparison to the market or a measure is expressed in its beta, which is represented by the slope in the Capital asset pricing model. 

The contingent factors Y would be the stock’s profit, while the independent factors X would be the business perceived risk.

To boost return forecasts, additional variables such as a stock’s market capitalization, price ratios, and current returns can be applied to the Capital asset pricing model. The Fama-French variables, named after the professors who created the multiple regression analysis to help understand asset returns, are these additional factors.

Multiple regression analysis

Simple linear regression is extended into multiple regression. When one wants to estimate the variable value depending on the values of two or more variables, we use this approach. The dependent variable is used to forecast. The independent variables are used to estimate the value of the dependent variable. 

For example, You may use different regression to see if exam outcomes can be forecast based on identifying knowledge gaps, academic stress, lecture attendance, and gender. You may also use different regression to see whether regular cigarette intake can be estimated based on cigarette length, age at which you first began smoking, smoker type, salary, and gender.

When to use Multiple Regression?

Ordinary linear regression is often insufficient to account for all of the real-world variables that influence a result. The graph below, for example, compares one vector (number of doctors) to the next (lifespan of women).

It appears from this graph that there is a correlation between women’s lifespan and the doctors in the community. In reality, it is most likely accurate, and you might argue that the solution is simple: raise the number of doctors in the population to raise life expectancy. However, other considerations must be addressed, such as the likelihood that doctors in remote areas have little qualifications or experience. Maybe they don’t have access to treatment services such as trauma centers. You’d have to apply more dependent variables to the regression analysis to construct a multiple regression model if you applied those multiple factors.

Benefits of study abroad consultants

student exam

Many students are moving to abroad for higher studies. They want to go abroad to get exposure, to be independent, to develop the cultural values of other countries, to taste life and new experiences. Every year, a lot of students go abroad, and they are very excited about studying abroad and start a new chapter or journey of their life. For that, they need the help of a study abroad consultant.

Students and their families are always confused and lost in choosing the best country, college, university, and other aspects. Study abroad consultants provide them the necessary guidance about the courses they can take according to their academic qualifications. They provide guidance related to the universities and their accommodation. They provide detailed information regarding documentation, financial requirements, and students are given time for the submission of documents for further procedures. The study abroad consultants coordinate with the students and the university to secure an admission. They answer all the queries and make the journey and landing of students thrilling. Here, below are the benefits of the study abroad consultants:

  • Educational loans: Overseas educational consultants provide information about financial help. They guide their families about banks and their loans scheme for students studying abroad.
  • Career counseling: Counseling makes the students take the right decision to make their future bright. Counseling helps the students in knowing their area of interest, what stream or career they want to opt for.
  • University selection: Study abroad consultants by checking the student’s profile give them guidance on finding the best university, having global recognition, and providing excellent education.
  • Admission processing: The experts of overseas education consultants help the students after selecting the university to fill the admission forms. The experts of overseas education consultants provide the details of universities, fee structure, and facilities. It makes it easier for the students to select the university according to their budget. They prepare and collect the necessary documents and apply for a visa.
  • Accommodations: Study abroad consultants tie-up with the universities and provide them accommodations to make them relax. Universities provide various facilities like free airport pickup, competitive tuition fees, secure accommodation, and free health insurance.
  • Visa: Study abroad consultants make the students prepare well for interviews. Visa firms conduct the interview process. As if students apply by themselves, it will not be easy to get the visa approval. Even a minor mistake in the visa can delay or reject your visa application. The consultants provide detailed information about visa processing. The overseas education consultants are always updated with immigration policies and visa checklists.
  • Guidance: The study abroad consultants provide the necessary assistance to the students regarding finance, lifestyle after the colleges and universities send the acceptance letter. They provide guidance related to country, city, and all other information required by the students.
  • Safety: The study abroad consultants provide the safety to the student’s right from the filling of an application form to being selected and receiving a visa. They take all the responsibility of the students and provide travel insurance.

The study abroad consultants support the students at each step and help them in giving proper assistance and clear all doubts. They provide all the information related to studying abroad.

Structure of PRINCE2: Its Benefits in Project Management

Projects IN Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) is a structurally based process for project management. It is generally used mostly by the UK Government. It is commonly used around the world. It makes sure that enough time is spent on planning a project efficiently with the entire focus on the goals that are needed to be achieved. The customers should be able to ensure that the benefits are more than the risk of a particular project. It is widely used by public organizations, government bodies, public and private sectors.

Structure of PRINCE2 

PRINCE2 is the most used flexible project management method. The reason for its rapid growth and worldwide attention as its being used continuously by the government agencies and other private company. For its perfect way of approach to the project which saves both time and energy. The two types of courses available for PRINCE2 are PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner.

  1. PRINCE2 FOUNDATION – It is the first course available for PRINCE2. It is a primary type of course that does not require any prior qualifications. Although the candidates are required to have existing knowledge about Project Management, this course gives an in-depth understanding about the principles and underlying fundamental knowledge.
  2. PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER– It is the second course available for PRINCE2. It is a higher level of qualification for PRINCE2. It solely focuses on the principles of stage methodology and management of the project. It gives detailed knowledge about PRINCE2 principles, process, themes and products.
  3. Methodology–It can be applied to any type of project, and it is highly flexible. The principle of setting up a plan in PRINCE2 is described here. It maintains a controlled environment from the preparation to the completion of the project.

The structure makes use of 7 principles. They are the rules and regulations that should be strictly followed in a PRINCE2 project. The seven policies are Continued Business Justification, Learn from Experience, Defined Roles and Responsibilities, Manage by Stages, Manage by Exception, Focus on Products and Tailor to Suit. It makes use of seven themes which are the features of project management and must be used in a project. The seven topics are Business Case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risks, Change and finally, progress. They also contain a set of rules which should be used in the entire PRINCE2 project.

Benefits for doing PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 is being used by almost every consumer, dealers and in many business fields. It doesn’t include a management contract but still provides with all the necessary requirements and controls required for all the work.

It also lets your business concentrate on a specific project for the right people, as it creates the start of a project and even the end of a business case. It is an excellent Certification to enhance your project manager skills.

  1. PRINCE2 can be used in a various range of projects. There are no errors involved in the expectations of the outcomes, and it also guarantees the performance of the project.
  2. PRINCE2 emphasizes on project management principles related to its instruction book along with strict rules. It explains the stages and the processes of a project and the responsibilities and roles that come with it, unlike other certificates on project management.
  3. It emphasizes on the methodology of a project; it helps guide the team manager and members from establishment to delivery in a wise step process and with a defined lifecycle.
  4. The stage methodology lets the project board access progress on a regular basis. It gives them better flexibility at revising some stages. In this method, the risks can also be found and solved.
  5. PRINCE2 makes use of standard languages for communication with stakeholders. It saves both time and energy.
  6. PRINCE2 provides a clear structure, creating clear lines of authority, accountability and also the mode of communication.
  7. It eventually saves time and energy by using conventional means of approach and language. All team members are given specific responsibilities which they understand and commit to.
  8. It also acknowledges all of your duties regarding a particular project.
  9. The task defines the product provided or needed.
  10. Its plans depend on the needs of different levels in an administrative team.
  11. It comes with a low budget or affordable work plan.

PRINCE2 makes sure that the products or services are being delivered successfully without the risk of any errors. The products offered are assured to be of high quality.

How to easily deal with nursing assignments?

If you are pursuing your academics in nursing then the first thing you probably need at this time is nursing homework help. At the initial stage of learning it is nearly impossible for every student to deal with nursing assignments in a proper way as they lack subjective knowledge as well as proper guidance. Today in this article we will discuss the nursing assignment and how you can deal with it without facing any difficulty and get a higher grade in your assignment.

So let’s get started…

Assignment help for nursing students

Today assignment help for students is available in multiple form and format but one of the popular forms of assignment help service is taking online assistance. With the help of online assignment help website students can easily deal with their assignments without facing any difficulty and complete them in a given time frame. The reason why assignment help websites are getting quite popular across the globe because with the help of these homework help websites students can easily improve their subject knowledge and improve their academic growth with the help of assignment help websites. But  before talking about online assignment help service in-depth let’s talk about its functionality and how it helps students to overcome their academic pressure of writing

Working functionality of assignment help websites

The working functionality of assignment help websites are quite simple. With the help of assignment help websites, students can easily take assistance from those who have a good understanding of nursing and its concepts. And they can easily resolve all their academic worries of writing. In academics, most of the students wonder “if they could pay someone to take my online classesand minimize their academic stress of writing. With the help of assignment writing website students indirectly pay someone for their academic task of writing and have a stress-free academics

If you are a student and want to avail of writing assistance for your nursing assignment you just need to search for the best online assignment help website for nursing assignment and you will get all the popular results on the first page of your searching. You can choose any of the online homework help websites based on its ranking and reviews and use it for your academic writing task.

Benefits of taking assistance from online assignment help websites

There are many benefits of taking online assistance for the academic task of writing some of them are listed below:

Fast and reliable

Online assignment help websites are quite fast and reliable. With the help of these websites student can easily complete their writing task in a given time frame without being worried about the deadline and they can minimize their stress of writing. Apart from this most of the assignment help websites are quite reliable and they are popularly known for providing top quality assistance for student’s requirements of writing. Allassignmenthelp.com, myassignmenthelp.co.UK are few quite popular assignment help websites that provide writing assistance for all kind of writing tasks. And with the help of this website students not only minimize their academic stress of writing work also improve their academic growth and have stress-free academics. So if you are a student and fed up with your daily writing task then taking online assistance from these websites can be quite beneficial for you.

Availability and accessibility

The best thing about assignment help websites are, they are easily accessible from every corner of the world. Suppose you are in the UK and want instant assignment help in UK in such situation you just need to search for instance assignment help and you will get all the possible and relevant result within a second and handle your writing task without facing any difficulty

Cheap and affordable

Most of the assignment help websites offer their essay writing assistance at cost-efficient prices so that students could easily avail of their services without putting any stress on their pockets.

Assignment experts

When you opt for writing assistance from any reliable homework help website you get assistance from those who have immense knowledge about their subject and they are well versed with every single technique that can be very helpful for your academic task of writing. With the help of these experts, you can not only improve your subjective knowledge but also increase the possibility of getting higher grades in your assignment and this is the reason why students love to avail online writing assistance.


Assignments are an essential part of every academic session. Students who pursue their academics in nursing get a chance to study this subject in a detailed manner.

If you are one of those students who face difficulty while working with their nursing assignment then taking online assistance from any reputed homework help website can help you a lot and minimize all your stress


Top 10 qualities for HR professionals in 2020

Source: Media.bizj.us

The business world is a very dynamic one today, and no part of it remains unaffected by constant changes. Human resources (HR) too is seeing significant changes and major trends, and staying on top of these factors could be key to successful hiring and talent management in 2020.

For an HR professional, it is important to be equipped with the latest tips and tricks so that all aspects of recruitment could be carried out successfully. These qualities will also help the person to stand out and do well in his or her HR career. Read on to know the most important qualities for someone working in HR.

Be ethical

One of the most important qualities, this is a must for success. There needs to be an understanding of how to apply ethics to daily work situations, as there will often be cases where the practicality of action is more important. The person must be able to figure out what is right or wrong.

Stay vigilant and open-minded

One of the best parts of an HR career is the chance to learn on the job every day. It is advisable to stay attentive to the newest trends and tactics and use the same to optimize the recruitment process. Also, watch out for how other companies work with their employees to keep them engaged and motivated could be a great way to learn something new to implement at work.

Communication is important

For any job role, and even more so in HR, clear and calm communication is essential. A friendly relationship with employees makes it easier to deal with some sensitive issues or tricky legal matters, where a cool head works well. Being a patient listener is good, as is clearly communicating expectations from team members and where they stand in relation to the same – both of these are critical for success.


Good verbal communication often comes to the fore in recruitment, where there is a lot of back-and-forth communication in sourcing candidates for open job positions. An applicant tracking system combined with a proper communication center is of immense help.

Problem-solving skills are helpful

An HR professional is often considered a proxy for a problem solver, as employees tend to come to HR for the problems they face. A calm approach and no panicking keep up the faith of the team in you and the HR department, as they will trust that they can come to you for any issues.

Controlled risk-taking is needed

The HR team tends to be the most risk-averse, as a decision to hire someone without due thought and process – i.e. with a lot of risks – could seriously backfire, often more so that other risky decisions. It is important to for ways to improve hiring efforts and recruitment strategies, as much as it is to build and portray a strong brand as an employer. Recruitment software can help to streamline hiring processes and to build employer branding on multiple platforms, including social media.

Be an example people want to follow

Apart from hiring, great employee experience and satisfaction on the job are also key responsibilities of the HR team. These are often put to the test when, say, some HR formalities must be carried out or a seminar is to be attended in addition to regular work. In such a situation, an empathetic demeanor and a calm explanation of the benefits of and the need for certain tasks could work wonders in getting them on your side.

A well-organized approach is a must

In the course of their HR careers, people in the HR team handle not just hiring of the best talent, but also employee development and well-being, as well as planning and managing multiple activities. Here, it helps to be well-organized, especially across the various parts and steps of the entire recruitment process.

You need to multitask

A lot of tasks have to be juggled when the best talent has to be hired. Posting jobs on multiple fora, inviting applications, screening, scheduling interviews, onboarding successful candidates and more all need due attention for a proper recruitment process. An HR professional needs to do all this well in order to stay on top of the game.

Take tough decisions

It is impossible to keep everyone happy, especially when you are a part of the HR team. Be it new corporate policies, team outings, or almost everything else, there will be more than one disgruntled voice among the group, challenging a decision. What is needed is the confidence to pursue the decision, and not back down under pressure. Surveying employees for the most acceptable decision or course of action for them could mitigate opposition to a great extent.

Rely on data and use it well

During an HR career, advanced sourcing must be used to build the right talent pool for the organization. The HR professional must be well-versed with candidate resumes, HR policies, and all other information needed to find the best candidates for open roles.

For someone looking to enter or grow in the HR field, certification is a great career decision. A certified HR professional possesses the latest knowledge and skills needed to make great hiring decisions and also demonstrates his or her seriousness about his or her career. Therefore, pick a good HR certification and move ahead on your career in HR!


Relating Physics to Everyday Life

On this “Living Planet” that we call Earth, lots of interesting events occur. These events are the events that we see or experience regularly. At some point, your curiosity would have pushed you to ask about what was going on? The answer to all these questions is Physics. Physics can quench your thirst for knowledge and facts. It governs our life in one way or the other. In this article, let us discuss various instances in which physics come into play.

Simple Machines

Park is a place where you can easily see physics in action. Have you ever wondered about the science behind the slide and the see-saw that you so often play with? The functionality of various equipment in parks is based on simple machines. A simple machine is a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force. Simple machines such as levers come in different variations, each with varying fulcrum locations. They magnify force, lessening the effort needed to move objects on the opposite end.

  • A see-saw at a park consists of a lever (locations for sitting) and the fulcrum (placed in the middle). The two opposing forces counterbalance each other and create a smooth ride through the air.
  • Slide is a device that combines stairs going up and a slide going down, both examples of inclined planes. The inclined plane eases the effort of climbing by spreading it over a longer distance. The smooth slide returns you gently to earth, slowing the influence of gravity just enough to make it fun.

Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion occurs when a particle or object moves back and forth within a stable equilibrium position under the influence of a restoring force proportional to its displacement.  Simple harmonic motion is used to model many real life situations. Following are a few situations:

  • The back and forth repetitive movements of a swing in the park against the restoring force is an example of simple harmonic motion.
  • The car shock absorbers attached to the wheels employ the principle of simple harmonic motion to ensure a safe ride to the passengers. When a car hits a bumpy road, the springs or shockers act as a shock absorber. The restoring force on the spring will push the car back into place
  • The back and forth movement of a cradle is caused due to a single push and is maintained by the principle of SHM.


Rotational Motion

Rotational motion of a rigid body around a fixed axis is a type of motion in which all the particles constituting the body undergoes circular motion about a common axis. Rotational motion of a rigid body around a fixed axis is a special case of rotational motion. During rotational motion, there is also a possibility of the axis changing its orientation. A few examples of rotational motion in our daily life are:

  • The rotation of Earth about its axis creates the cycle of day and night
  • Motion of wheels, gears and motors are examples of rotational motion
  • A door swivelling on its hinges on opening and closing it is an example of rotational motion
  • A spinning top and a Ferris wheel in an amusement park is an example of rotational motion.

Sense of Seeing

We see the wonders of the world through our eyes.  When we talk about body parts and their function , it is understood that we are talking about Biology. But, we neglect the fact that functions of body parts also work under the laws of Physics and Chemistry.  When we talk about our sense of vision, we come to realize that eyes work as a camera to see things around us.  The lens in our eyes is a convex lens.  When light enters our eyes, the cornea and lens focus the light. Iris of the eye creates an image on the retina, which is real and inverted. The image of light is converted into electrical signals and sent to the vision centre of the brain by the optic nerve. The vision centre analyses the electric signal received and arranges it into its original form to be seen by the eye.

Learning Physics is more than the study of black holes and stars in space, it is the study of interactions between matter and energy. From volcanoes to the ocean’s waves, understanding each of them requires the study of physics. Subscribe to BYJU’S and learn various Physics concepts with the help of interactive video lessons!