Using varied colours, designs and different shapes for bathroom area for wall and floor tiles, helps in enhancing and adding a unique touch to the whole ambience. Bathroom and kitchen areas make up as an important factor of a house and so the tiles become one of the most significant items to invest in. With the plethora of variety of bathroom tile sizes and styles that are available in market today, it is but obvious for anyone to lose track and get befuddled. Here are few suggestions on how to make your bathroom look trendy and classy using mix and match styles. Fusion of different tile shapes and materials is a big on-going trend that is durable as well as less expensive too.

  1. Square Tile Shape– One can never go wrong with square tiles, be it any size or colour. There are varieties of square tiles that can make your bathroom pop with captivating appearance. Simple square tiles will look fabulous alone be it a brightly coloured monotone or mix and match of different contrasting colours or an ombre scheme. Square shaped bathroom tiles are timeless tiles which can be mixed with different patterned tiles too.
  2. Hexagon Tile Shape– The honeycomb shaped tiles when applied creating patterns on walls and floor, looks unique and great. The hexagonal shaped bathroom tiles are a must go-to options when in doubt. They look beautiful and eye-catching when used in bold colours.
  3. Mosaic Tile Shape– Mosaic tiles look adorable on bathroom walls with the smart use of colour. They have a great versatility and therefore many unique and out-of-the box patterns can be created using these tile shapes. They come in both matte and glossy finish and even monotone mosaic tile will look classy.
  4. Penny Round tiles–  Though they are not the easiest of the tiles to clean but these tiny round tiles have been in use for a real long time. They have been in the evergreen bathroom tiles category because of the modest tiling designs they offer with different contrasting colour accents. When incorporated into your bathroom, they provide an ultimate feature wall look.
  5. Subway Tile Shape– Subway tiling pattern are classic bathroom wall tiles. There are endless options on re-arranging the tiling technique, so that it comes out as totally different look. Few of the interesting subway tile patterns are Basket-weave, Herringbone, Offset, Corridor and Running-bond patterns. One of the way of enhancing the subway tiles is by using a contrasting grout which helps in liven up the bathroom space even more.
  6. Fish Scale Tile Shapes– For creating a wow factor and be divergent in your choice for bathroom wall or floor, opt for fish scale shaped tiles. Be it white, or neutral colour or any bold colour; you will love and admire this tile pattern for sure.
  7. Unusually Shaped Tiles– When it comes to creating exclusive and different patterns with the tiles in bathroom, there are an interior design company in tirupati with countless options that are available. Basket weave tiles, leaf shaped tiles, diamond tiles, triangle tiles and many more. All these tile shapes make a huge impact as they stand out when applied with different grout colours and will embrace your space with a natural style.

One can never be wrong in mixing the different tile shapes and designs for the bathroom. It will always provide an added depth and texture to your bathroom walls. Having one tiling pattern on the walls and the other on the floor of the bathroom will add a fun combination as well as make the bathroom look updated and modern. From innumerable number of finishes, styles and from simple to most fancy designs; Pavit Ceramics offer countless varieties of bathroom tile options. These bathroom tiles will surely provide you and your guests a deep relaxing experience.