This is not an era where you can just wish your beloved ones and give them gift. Yes you can send Happy Birthday Wishes but along with that you should do something more to make your beloved one feel special. Here we have some ideas for you.

The secret of how to organize a successful party lies in organization and planning. Of course, calling friends home doesn’t have to be formal and circumstantial. Any time is time. But if you really want to throw a party, to celebrate something, then the ‘thing’ changes. There are a few step-by-step steps to make everything easier and make the moment something really special.

The first is to define exactly what you want to do. At the same time, think about how many people you consider calling. There is space in your house for all of this. And the menu? Drinks? Essential party items? Calm. There are many decisions, but you will make each one at the right time. With our help, everything will be more than perfect! Prepare the notepad. How to organize a party: guide to success starts now!

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Come with us.

The key is to plan ahead

Good news deserves freebies with friends! To bring the crowd together in style – because they deserve it, right!? – The organization is your BFF. Having a small meeting for friends or a larger reception to celebrate something special at home requires, first of all, good planning. You will only call your closest friends or the office staff is also inside. Will there be children? You don’t need to make the guest list yet, but start designing what you want. Planning is not defining, but raising possible ideas. OK, now think about the reason for the celebration and look for references of what you want. From what you saw, set a budget. It is super important that you have this brief notion to be able to check what you already have at home and what you will need to buy, order, make yourself or rent. With this mini sketch, let’s start practicing this special task of organizing a party. The first step is to set the date and time. Consider everything you have to reference and see if there is enough time to do everything.

Guest list

Who is coming? With the outline of how you want it, let’s go to the next step in the mission of how to organize a party: make the previous list of guests. The first item on your checklist on how to organize a perfect party is the guests. It is complicated to buy food and drinks without knowing how many people will attend, approximately. The number of guests will never be exact. Your friend may take the crush or your friend may have something unexpected and not be able to attend at the last minute. It is part of it and you need to be prepared for it. But it is interesting to list everyone that I would like to call and then observe two other points: your budget and the place where you expect the party to take place. First, you need to know if you will have the money to pay for 100 people or 10. Second: does the place you want to have a party include 100 or 10?

Send invitations

With the guest list closed, define what your party invitation will look like. There are three ways to do this: in person, over the phone; printed, which need to be delivered by you; or online services. With the evolution of everything, the demand for online services has been growing, because the economy with printing and delivery can be very worthwhile. In addition to creating beautiful templates, some sites offer tools for managing confirmation, such as Invite box and Green elope. In both sites the invitations can be completely personalized, with the text you want. And the best: it’s all free! If you want a printed invitation, remember that everything must be sent or delivered personally in advance.

Set the location for the party

Indoors or in the yard! Let’s go to the next step in your checklist on how to organize a party: the place where everything will happen. Remember that we already suggested that you think about where you would host your party while sketching your previous list of guests?

Let’s explain better why now!

Accommodating 30 people in your home has no problem. The question is: does your house comfortably accommodate this amount of guests? If so, great. Just mark this item on your checklist of how to organize a party as resolved. If the answer is no, you can narrow down the guest list or look elsewhere.

Indoor party

Having your party indoors or in any other environment is safer compared to the weather? Imagine a storm two hours after the party starts and you don’t have enough room to accommodate everyone! In addition, the reception in an enclosed space is more intimate and personalized. After all, you are penning your home to your friends.

External party

With the hot summer weather, get-togethers can get out of closed environments and gain outside areas. It can be in the backyard, in the garden and even on the gourmet balcony of your apartment. Take advantage of what the station offers you for free to do something special and surprise your guests. The tip on how to organize an outdoor party is to have a ‘plan B’. The day can be beautiful and suddenly rain. So it is necessary that you pay attention to this. A sturdy tent or even taking the party indoors is worth it.

Choose the party theme

Within all that you have already considered in the ‘ mission how to organize a party ‘, we are sure that it didn’t even cross your mind that you can do something thematic. Even if the party is not a birthday party or does not have a specific reason for having it – why not just get together with friends, it’s not true! – creating a theme can be a lot of fun. Not only that, but it can also be nice when organizing the environment. Everything can be done in accordance with the theme and style you have chosen. Just be careful not to make everything too childish or too much information.

Set the menu

You can offer dinner or snacks. Everything will depend on what you choose for your party. Before defining what will serve at your party, check if any of your guests have any type of food restriction or follow a lifestyle different from yours, like veganism, for example. This is not mandatory, but it is an immense affection! The main concern when preparing the party menu is to diversify it as much as possible and include wild foods and drinks, which please most people and which are softer. If within your plan on how to organize a party the event is themed, take this into account when preparing the menu. For example: if the party is tropical, cold starters, fruit skewers and tropical drinks served in a pineapple can be cool options.