It has been originated in the United States of America. Psychotic Pre workout gold contains 400 mg of caffeine. Psychotic is having more pump formula and is much stronger as compared to Psychotic. Psychotic gold mainly comprises two ingredients such as – Agmatine Sulfate and Citrulline Malate. There are some benefits of Psychotic Gold that have been listed below

  • Increases strength
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Boosts Energy
  • Extreme Pump
  • Half Energy
  • Increases Endurance

How does Psychotic Pre Workout Gold

If a person wants to gain energy before doing a work-out then he should consume psychotic gold before that as it helps in enhancing the power, changes the mood, and consists of certain essential ingredients that have been discussed below

  • Agmatine Sulfate

It is an amino acid that is made up of L Arginine. This amino acid will assist in boosting the levels of nitric oxide to open the flow of blood and thereby allowing more oxygen to enter. It also helps in recovery so Agmatine Sulfate should be consumed in an appropriate quantity. This amino acid is also very helpful for the treatment of neuropathic pain. It also protects the brain from strokes and toxins. Agmatine Sulfate is also found in the painkillers such as – morphine and fentanyl.

  • L – Citrulline Malate

This amino acid is used to boost endurance and helps in recovering at a faster pace also reduces muscle soreness. It also tends to enhance athletic anaerobic performance, heart diseases, and high blood pressure in the lungs. An adult should take 1.5 to 5 grams of dose. It also assists in opening the veins and arteries for improving the flow of blood and also reduce the pressure of blood. This acid is found in the white rind that surrounds the flesh in the watermelon. It is also having certain side effects such as – indigestion, nausea, and diarrhea.

  • Beta-Alanine

It is a non-essential amino acid that are being produced naturally in the body. It helps in the production of carnosine. Carnosine is an essential compound that could help in muscle endurance. Beta-Alanine is used for enhancing sports performance and endurance. It tends to increase the level of energy so that an athlete could perform exercises for a longer duration such as – sprinting and weight lifting. Food sources include carnosine and beta-alanine such as – meat, fish, and poultry.

  • DMAE Bitartrate

It is an antioxidant that aids in increasing neurotransmitters. This also helps in the production of energy and makes the muscle lean. It tends to affect mood, enhances memory, and also improves the function of the brain. It is also known as dimethylaminoethanol. It is sometimes also used in the skincare products such as – lotion and cream. There are many benefits of DMAE Bitartrate such as

  1. Support memory
  2. Reduce hyperactivity
  3. Enhances athletic performance
  4. Support better mood
  5. Helps in reducing the wrinkles
  6. Depression
  7. Dementia

Potential risks associated with this acid are that – insomnia, severe eye irritation, skin irritation, coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. It is one of the essential antioxidants.