Top Social Media Spying App Feature You Should Know

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It is 2022 the answer to pretty much everything is social media. Bored? Check social media. Want to make new friends, social media, need to learn a skill, order food, looking for beauty tips, fashion blogs, good food place, make money, the answer to pretty much everything is connected with social media and instant messenger chat apps. People are using it as a marketing tool, entertainment element, and whatnot. Too much dependence on these platforms and involvement however in every day is life has shown a dark side as well.

Depression, anxiety, cyberbullying, blackmailing, threats, and many other things else are somehow connected with the excessive use of such apps. Though their complete eradication for daily life is beyond the control of the common man what we can do is at least keep a check on the usage. The shortest and one of the methods to do this is through the use of the spying app for android. The OgyMogy app offers dozens of social media monitoring features that can be used as parental control and employee monitoring. Here are the details of the top ten social media apps. Also, read other articles related to the technology blog.


Facebook one of the pioneer social media app that can be considered as the mother of the social media wave is the third most used platform worldwide. OgyMgy offers a Facebook spy app for its user that gives remote access to the target account. You can know about an online friend, content likes and posts, and much more. The best thing is the app also lets the user get into the Facebook messenger chat of the target as well. So if you are blocked by your teen or want to track those employees who waste time on Facebook during working hours then this one is for you.


Instagram is an app for photo and video sharing. With the Instagram spy app of the OgyMogy, you can know about the business account activities in real-time. Monitor the employees and keep a check on the teenager to make sure no sensitive content is uploaded on the public platform.


Know about the incoming and outgoing phone book and keep track of any unidentified caller id on time. Viber offers texting and media sharing. Make sure you have a Viber spy app to keep a check on the media shared through the target account.


Snapchat is famous for disappearing content but no need to worry about it. The OgyMogy offers a Snapchat spy app that allows the users to have a backup of even the deleted content. Find out if your kid is being bullied by an online weirdo or is receiving unethical content in the private chatbox. Track them and take action right away.


Kik is another popular instant messenger chat app that offers text calling and media sharing features just like many other instant messenger chat apps. With the Kik spy app, you can know if your kid is depending too much on the Kik bot for chatting or is obsessing over it.


WhatsApp spy app allows its user to know about the private chat box as well group content. Users can listen to audio videos & Whatsapp call recordings.


Tinder the app for finding a potential partner is popular among young kids. If you don’t want your kid to get involved with a sexual offender use the tinder spy app. You can even block the internet of the target at any given time.


Skype spy app can be used to keep an eye on the professional or work-related chat of the employees.


Youtube screen recording notifies about every youtube activity with timestamp information.


Telegram spy app offered by the OgyMogy can let you know about the private and public activity of the target remotely.

Besides social media, an instant messenger chat app OgyMogy android spy app offers many other interesting features such as location tracking, Geo-fencing, camera bug features, mic bug, screen recordings, keystroke logging, email monitoring, tracking of internet history browsing, and more. Explore Mac and Windows spy app versions as well for tablet and laptop monitoring. The app offers three different kinds of bundles for its users. Feel free to choose one and have a taste of remote monitoring with the OgyMogy.

Monitoring App a Smart Choice For Smart Boss

To be on a superior or powerful post is what we all want in our lives. But the general concept affiliated with it is not based on realities and harsh truths related to it. With power, you have a huge increase in the number of responsibilities. Not all that glitter is gold there comes all sorts of troubles and miseries. Being a boss is not all about late arrivals and early leavings it’s about managing and dealing with bundles and bundles of problems and issues backdoor just for the sake of underlings and overall benefits of the organization. You can all fantasize about being a boss but live only one day in his or her shoes and believe me, you will know about his/her troubles.

They have to manage official duties while having a personal life. So keeping a balance between those two responsibilities is the trick. You need to make smart choices to invest in all the sectors wisely and can not get dragged by any one of them. For example one of the basic and foremost tasks as a boss is to make sure your employees are doing their best and are loyal to you and your organization. There are hundreds of ways to achieve this goal but if you make a smart choice you can achieve it very easily. The smart choice we are talking about is having a cell phone monitoring app like TheOneSpy.

Monitor Their ScreenWork:

The app has this screen recording feature that allows the user to keep an eye on the screen activities of the target person. By using this feature you can easily check the screen of any employee in real-time. You can even check that through the screen images and short videos captured by the TheOneSpy. So keep an eye on all the employees with some clicks.

Assure Only Work Rule In Official Time:

Only work must be done in the office hours and there must be a strict rule of not wasting time on useless activities like usage of social media etc.The app can help you with that. With all the spy apps offered by TheOneSpy that targets the Social media platform like Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Whatsapp spy app, Spy on Snapchat and many more you can keep an eye on all the social media butterflies who waste time on useless media platform in the working hours. It keeps an eye on the activity log and keeps records of everything with a timestamp.

Know About Their WhereAbouts:

With the location tracking feature, you can keep an eye on the exact location of your employees at any given time. This feature can be used for the delivery guys and drivers etc to know about their movements and having a full record of the details. You can even track the habitual latecomers as well and take timely and strict action to make all employees punctual. This feature can also be used to trace any suspicious meeting place as well.

Keep Important Data Confidential and Safe:

The software has this keylogging feature that saves all the keywords applied to the target person device. In short, the user will have access to all the related accounts id and passwords to the target device. This can give easy access to all the emails, inbox, and sent items details along with attachment records. So keep an eye on any suspicious employee and make sure no one is sharing any kind of confidential information with outsiders. Information shared in any form whether the document, images, or file record can easily be traced out by using this feature.

TheOneSpy offers a bundle of packages that contain different features. You can select the package according to your demands. After selection, all you need to do is the installation. If you want to install it on the laptop or tablet of the target person then you can avail the Mac or Windows version of app. If you want to monitor through smartphones don’t worry TheOneSpy offers an android spy app version as well. Hence you can keep a strict eye on the target person by monitoring them through their cell phones and laptops or tablet devices. So Be a smart boss and make a smart choice of selecting TheOneSpy app.